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The puppy is guaranteed to be in good health to the best of my knowledge at the time of sale. The customer has 48 hours in which to have the puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian and is urged to do so. If the purchaser does not take the puppy to the vet within this time period then the puppy is considered accepted “as is” at the time of sale and no other legality will take place if such pet becomes unhealthy or dies. Purchaser is responsible for all vet bills.  Also, our guarantee does not include poisoning, accidents, negligence or behavioral problems, as training philosophies and environments vary amongst individuals.

If the examination indicates that at the time of sale, such puppy was unfit for purchase due to life threatening or congenital disorder you may return the puppy for an exchange of equivalent value. The puppy is guaranteed against congenital disorders for one year. No cash refunds will be made. When a puppy is replaced, we only guarantee that it will be the same breed and sex. Color and size cannot be guaranteed. Replacements will be made as soon as another puppy is available and this could be a lengthy process. Out of State buyers will be responsible for the shipping cost to replace a puppy.

Any life threatening disorders must be in writing and notarized by the veterinarian and presented to the seller within five days of the examination along with an autopsy report( at buyer’s expense). The puppy will be replaced only if the disorder results in the loss of the pet. We reserve the rights to have the pet examined by our own vet prior to any adjustments. Based on our vet’s findings, then, and only then,  will an adjustment be made. If a dispute of liability arises, the final decision will be made by the vet of the seller’s choice.

The puppy was found free of fatal viruses including Parvo at the time of sale. It is the most frequently contracted diseases affecting young puppies. We only guarantee against Parvo for two days (48 hours). There is no warranty against Parvo beyond the two day period. This does NOT include Kennel Cough which is common in puppies especially if shipped. Kennel cough is self limiting and is usually caused by bacteria. Kennel Cough like the common cold, must run its course. Full recovery is expected and Kennel Cough on its own is not life threatening. 

Coccidia is a very common parasite affecting puppies. It itself does not kill puppies. It causes diarrhea and a puppy could die as a result of dehydration. This puppy appeared free of coccidia at the time of sale and therefore  has no warranty against coccidia.

Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) is a serious health problem but is excluded from this warranty because it is usually caused by too little food which is within your control. Tiny puppies need to be fed often. NutriCal, Karo syrup or Honey can be given directly in mouth or in food to prevent low blood sugar.

The seller is not responsible for temperament issues as they can be caused by lack of training, discipline or proper socialization which is determined by every dog’s personality. The seller makes no guarantee as to size or color of the puppy. Neither does the seller guarantee that ears will be erect in certain breeds.

The seller assumes no responsibility for this puppy after leaving the premises regarding medical expenses, landlord’s disapproval, people’s allergies or disagreements among household members regarding the pet. No returns will be accepted once the pet has left the premises due to exposure of outside diseases, which in turn could jeopardize the health of the kennel.

Your new pet should not be socialized until he/she has had a series of 3 shots to protect against communicable disease. Buyer should avoid taking the new puppy to pet store, groomers, parks, etc. until these series of shots have been given.

I, the purchaser of a puppy from Imperial Puppy Palace, hereby acknowledge that I have received and read a copy of this document. I accept the terms and conditions of this guarantee. The purchaser acknowledges that he or she understands and agrees with the terms in this document.  The purchaser also understands and agrees that any monies paid, deposit or otherwise, are considered non-refundable.


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Address: ___________________________

City:_______________________ State: ______ Zip: __________

Breed: _____________     Sex: M/F   Date of Birth: _____________

Sire: _______________      Dam:_______________

Signature of Buyer: ________________________________________________

Signature of Seller:_________________________________________________

Puppy _____________________________________  Price $_________________________