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My comments to everyone.

by Vicki Strong on 06/30/10

I have received many emails from past customers that have bought puppies from me so I  decided to place this blog directly on my website so that everyone can share their comments.  Some of you have expressed the desire to contact your new family member's siblings and this is a great way to do that and to find out how they are doing.  Thank you in advance for your comments and your loyalty and should I ever be of assistance to any of you.....I am always here.

Comments (18)

1. Tammy and Courtney said on 6/30/10 - 11:36AM
we are enjoying Tatum so much she brings lots of laughter to our home her energy and playfulness keeps us entertained. The other dogs are enjoying playing with her as well.
2. Leia said on 6/30/10 - 06:21PM
Leia is a joy and brings us loads of laughs. She looks like a little bird when she drinks her head bobbing up and down. She hides under the coffee table and waits and stalks our Chewy and then attacks. She can go up and down the steps if she chooses, but prefers to be carried. Leia is a bundle of energy just running circles through the house. She is a wonderful companion for Chewy. She is a great addition to our household.
3. The Jones-Hurt Family said on 7/4/10 - 01:57AM
Pookie is such a spunky puppy. He loves to play with our other dog Princess. Her only safe haven right now is the couch because he can't jump up there. He is a determined little boy though so I don't think it will be long before he finds a way. We are so happy to have him as a part of our family...
4. Janae said on 7/4/10 - 05:13PM
Leia has now gone down the steps all by herself. No prompting from us. We were very happy as this means she goes down to potty. Yeah! She is house broken.
5. Alicia said on 7/21/10 - 11:39AM
I have enjoyed my maltese, Tallulah, so much and she has become a huge part of my life. She is a very good natured girl. I still have her monogrammed baby blanket you made her that was too cute! She will be a year old next month & we will be having a cake for her haha. I will send a pic when we have her "party". She is still very tiny, weighing only 3.5 lbs. Everyone has a fit over her & her vet & groomer tell me how lucky I am! Thank you so much for all of your advice. You can tell that you truly love all of the dogs & I would recommend anyone do business with you! You made the process very easy for me, answering all of my questions and the puppy kit that came with her has been very helpful for me keeping up with her shots & records this past year.
6. Julie said on 8/30/10 - 01:11PM
Our shih tzu, Tibbles is so funny and cute. I am so glad we got him. He just makes our day! He is so precious and playful.
7. Teresa said on 9/9/10 - 12:29PM
I am so happy with my funny little Shih Tzu boy, Winston! He is such an adorable little guy. Very playful and loving! I'm also loving my little lady, Cinnamon. I'm so happy that I saw her and we were able to give her the comfy, loving retirement home that she deserves so much. Everyone in my family loves them both so very much! Thank you for being so good to all your dogs. I will definitely recommend you to anyone I know.
8. Morgan said on 10/24/10 - 05:32PM
I have one of Cinnamons last litter,Tide! He is my world.I couldnt be more happy w/my sweet lil man.He keeps me on my toes.:)
9. Senorah said on 11/1/10 - 10:25AM
I am so happy with Pearl. She is the greatest birthday gift ever. She is so social. She wants to be held all the time. But then has a hard time sitting still for very long. You were so helpful during the whole process of her purchase. And always so prompt at answering any and all questions I had. I will definitely recommend you to anyone I know that wants a small breed puppy.
10. Jackie Hopkins said on 3/6/11 - 10:52AM
Vickie, just wanted to let you know that Molly is doing wonderful with my husband's parents. She has really brought the life back into both of them, since the death of their daughter. She has really taken to his dad & this tickles his mother to death. She always tells us she doesn't have to worry about him, cause Molly keeps up with him for Thank you & your husband so much for helping us to give the perfect companion to them, during such a sad time. She has definitely restored "life" to the family.
11. Julie said on 3/7/11 - 12:44PM
I have one of Cinnamon's last litter that I named Tibbles. I would love to see pictures of his brothers if anybody out there has any. I just love this little dog to death.
12. Aislyn Campbell said on 6/25/11 - 08:08PM
I really enjoy my new baby!! Vicki really has helped me find the one for me. She brings a lot of joy and excitment to my life. I absoulty love my baby yorkie.
13. Crystal said on 7/23/11 - 11:44AM
We got one of Cinnamons last puppies August 2010 and named him Cash. He has the best personality and has been a blessing to our family. We couldn't imagine life with out him. Thank you Vicki!
14. Angela Carter said on 10/4/11 - 08:51AM
I worked with Vicki several years ago and used one of her studs to breed my shih-tzu. She was a joy to work with, and the puppies all turned out healthy and BEAUTIFUL!!
15. Brandye Colvert-Ridgely said on 11/10/11 - 02:19PM
I bought Butters from Vicki in July 2011 and he is absolutely wonderful! He is a solid white teacup Pom and is super spunky and tons of fun. He loves everyone and loves spending time with his 4 legged friends Casey, Gidgette, Skylee, Dimitry and Dominick! Thanks Vicki for our sweet baby!
16. Sara Putnam said on 10/11/12 - 09:15PM
vicki. cassie mckinley adopted a male maltese from you. He is about 14 weeks old. Last week, she sold him to me, and, the next day, asked, if she could buy him back, which is what I did, feeling it was the right thing to do, since, she was so very upset, giving him up. I am very much wanting a puppy, or young purebred Maltese. Could you keep me in mind, if someone comes to you to give a pet up for adoption?
17. Sara Putnam said on 10/11/12 - 09:19PM
Vicki, I did not see a picture of Cassandra Mckinley, male maltese puppy.
18. Tatiana said on 2/10/13 - 11:41AM
I recently bought my pom Taz from Ms. Vicki and I love him to bits. He lives up to his name and brings joy where ever he goes. He's a healthy little boy and has the wildest personality and I love it.

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